If there’s something I like better than Hummus, it’s music. Singing and writing music runs in my blood. Hopefully, more than hummus does…



Sunday (Prod. by Ran Shem Tov)

A song I worked on with the talented and brilliant Ran Shem Tov
(IZABO) who produced the song. I wrote and sang, Ran did his magic.


Seems to me

The closest thing I’ve ever come to writing and singing pop music. Produced by Eli Nahum. Dani Makob on the drums.


Bringg connects them all

A clever and sweet take-off from the guys at McCann Tech. I sang and Ran Shem Tov produced.



A song that’s very dear to me. Reminds me to look on the bright side of stuff. Produced by the talented Eli Nahum, Sefi Zisling, a Popular Israeli Trumpet player, added his touch.



Laila tov

A song I sang for a pro bono campaign from the famous children’s book “Ha Keves Hashisha Asar” ( “The 16th Sheep”). Produced and recorded by Eli Nahum.



Alon Hadad, a dear dear friend of mine and a very very talented copywriter wrote the text, I created the soundtrack and rapped like a vintage old school Israeli announcer. This ad became one of Israel’s most popular ads of that year and went viral af!!!


Od Shee Ohev ( Prod. by Tomer Biran)

I wrote the music and lyrics. Yuval Lev Tov, a Kochav Nolad finalist (an Israeli music competition) sang soulfully and Tomer Biran produced with so much talent. I like writing in all kinds of genres. It may sound like a cliché but in music there are no boundaries.


Nature Boy- Moroccan touch

A song I recorded which was inspired by Nat king Cole’s “Nature Boy” tells the story of a Moroccan man in his early 30’s and his struggles to survive in the newly born country of Israel. Big band meets Moroccan vibes.



Adam Teva Ve Din

Written by yours truly and arranged and produced by Tomer Biran, one of Israel’s prominent Producers. Sung by May Feingold. This spot brought us an Award in the NY Ad Festival.



Hand over the music, the basic theme and I’ll take care of the rest. Produced by Talented Shmulik Noifeld.



Scribbled some text for an orange drink ad and before you know it- a new track came to life.

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