A selection of some of my advertising work.
I really enjoyed creating these ads alongside amazing and talented people.


McDonald's - Two Drops of Europe

We created a fantastic comic duo, Suissa and Yon, pioneering trap music in the advertising break. My talented partners were the Creative VP Or Lavi, Oron Hershtig and Kobi Ben Walid.


McDonald’s- Brother’s Gettin’ More

This was the first ad in my series of McDonald’s campaigns with Suissa and Yon.


McDonald's - Big Asia

Created in those frustrating Covid 19 days when we couldn’t fly to Asia. This was the fourth and final ad in the Suissa and Yon series.


Tara dairy products- Halav halav (milk milk)

This ad continues to hold the top position versus competing ads in the Jewish holiday of Shavuot ad category. During the holiday it is customary to consume milk and cheese products. Dedicated in loving memory of my dear friend and the Art Director who worked with me on the film – Shai Dobzinski.


Yes Satellite TV - Brady

What made McCann such an amazing place to work at was its abilities to take a simple idea and turn it into a crazy Hollywood movie!


Yes - Brady - Digital

Accompanying the TV campaign, we showed the background of the Yes Brady commercial and explained just how Brady got to the situation where he has a hole in his stomach- the starting point of the TV commercial.


Yes - English for Kids

It’s easy as ABC – an easy and fun way to teach English to kids and make an extraordinary spot.

Special thanks to my McCann mentors: Rona Yaakobi, Ido ben Dor, Mel Caspi and Gal Porat


Yes -The Child King

As a boy who grew up on the immortal series “The Storyteller”, when I saw this offline, I had tears in my eyes.


Ace - Nice to be home

This ad was created during the worst COVID-19 months in which most of the country was shut down. That’s why we decided to celebrate the home and to show gratitude for all the things in it. This video would not be possible without my partner in crime: Or Lavi.
On the beat: Jordi. Directed by: Roman


Ace - House to brag about

Now that the Corona is over, it’s time to show off what you have at home. On the beat: the talented duo: Dolly & Pen 


Maccabi - Back to Routine

There were those who had a hard time getting back to routine after Covid. “Office? What exactly is that?”


Man, nature and law

A campaign promoting the “Clean Air Law” for Adam Teva V’Din (Israel Union for Environmental Defense). The campaign won a Silver Cactus and Bronze Award at the New York Festivals.


RC COLA- The Cool Taste

Saving a place in my heart for this one. The first of a series of campaigns we did for RC Cola. Wait for the punchline…


Knorr radio campaign #1

An award-winning Knorr radio campaign. Written and dubbed by yours truly. The ad won a Silver Cactus in the Radio category that year.


Knorr radio campaign #2

The second ad in a series of broadcasts for Knorr. Dubbing a Middle Eastern rooster wasn’t something I could have ever imagined doing!



Insight: When a child wants a toy it can be an emergency. One session I came out of with a big headache but with great satisfaction!


Up Airlines - A series of broadcasts

A series of broadcasts for Up, El Al’s low-cost airline. The insight – it’s easier and cheaper to fly abroad than to fly to Eilat (Israel’s summer retreat). We created a take-off of a famous song named “Come to Eilat” and changed the destinations the airline flew to. I’m also singing in this one.



A print ad I worked on with the talented Art Director, Kobi Benwalid



A print ad I worked on with Igor Brodetzky.  For the parents among you, there’s super important advice here!


Panasonic- Van Gogh- PRINT

Who would have believed that this print would appear in an exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and win a finalist in Epica? My accomplice in the crime was the talented Art Nathaniel Hajaj.



I like miniature manipulations to convey an idea.A print I created with the talented Itzik Harush for Adidas.


Johnny and the Knights of the Galilee - Guerrilla campaign

“Johnny and the Knights of the Galilee” was a series on Yes about four friends who decide to start a male escort agency. To spread the word, we attached thousands of “escort cards” to car windows with the headline “Johnny is waiting for you” with a phone number.  The caller heard the voice of Oz Zahavi, the lead actor, inviting them to watch the new series. A few days later we put up another sign revealing who Johnny and his pals really were.

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