After years in Israel’s leading ad firms it was game on!
I joined Playtika as a Copywriter and later on as a Creative Manager.
Writing scripts for “big-Bet” campaigns across multiple games in the marketing department,
Social campaigns and UA+Retargeting videos, shaping in- game creative
concepts and contributing my love of detail to the UX/UI product requirements and microcopy needs.
As an English speaker this was a new and exciting playground. Here’s a taste…


Best Fiends – Play sugar free

It was time to tackle the competition’s sweet tooth.


Best Fiends – sugar free Case study

We crushed it! It was fun narrating this one as well. Cheers to the studio in Vynica for such an amazing job. Anna Starck turned words into magic!


Best Fiends- A trip to Minutia

Best Fiends- A trip to Minutia
So… what did you do this weekend? Anna and I worked on this ad.


Best Fiends- Trailer

Coming soon to a mobile near you…


Solitaire Grand Harvest feat. SJP 1

This was a GRAND experience. Working with so many talented people to make this happen and in such a hectic time.


Solitaire Grand Harvest feat. SJP 2

Going up? Going down? We gave this idea the best elevator pitch we could.


Slotomania - New Family Feud Slot

Survey says- You should watch this ad! 


Caesars Slots - Ty Pennington 1

Am I Luuuuucky or what working with Ty Pennington on this campaign?


Caesars Slots - Ty Pennington 2

On the one handwriting this was easy, on the other hand it was kind of fun.


Caesars Slots – Ty Pennington 3

Marry weird and bizarre Christmas to you too!


Redecor – Philosophically speaking

Who said design and comedy can’t work together?


Redecor – Me, myself and I

Asaf Prager and I or was it Me and Asaf Prager on this one?


House of Fun – FTUE

It was the first time for me to create 7 first time user experience video for House of Fun


House of Fun – HOF Impact

Video games can change the planet??? Not really, but they can sure make an impact


House of Fun – Fun facts

I created a bundle of these “behind the slots” videos. Here’s one


House of Fun – Looting time

One of the perks of the job was working with Product and branding a new minigame.

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